Saree Kantha Quilts

Our Saree Kantha Quilts – a true labor of love crafted from two or more 100% cotton sarees. These quilts are meticulously stitched together using the traditional 'Kantha' technique, giving rise to the unique term 'Kantha Quilt'.

Each quilt narrates its own distinctive story, showcasing the charm of vintage craftsmanship. Some feature rips that unveil layers beneath, while others proudly display patches and small spots. These imperfections contribute to the overall character, enhancing the vintage allure.

These exquisite Kantha Quilts serve as the perfect companions for various occasions. Whether you use them as a throw, travel blanket, sofa cover, wall tapestry, beach blanket, picnic essential, poolside companion, or even in your car – their versatility knows no bounds.

For the initial two washes, we recommend machine washing cold separately, ensuring the longevity of these exceptional pieces.

Patchwork Kantha Quilts

Our Handmade Patchwork Kantha Quilts, expertly crafted with two layers of fabric.

🌈 The front is adorned with a lively array of colorful and vibrant multi-pattern patches.

🌟 The backing features a sophisticated solid pattern, providing a stylish contrast.

🧵 Multi-colored threads, intricately woven for Kantha stitches, add an artistic touch to each quilt.

🌟 Each patch is a unique work of art, ensuring that every quilt tells its own captivating story.

Versatile in function, these quilts can be used as throws, blankets, sofa covers, car seat covers, recliner covers, or even as striking wall tapestries.

For the first few washes, we recommend machine washing cold separately to preserve the integrity of these vibrant creations. Please note, colors may bleed during these initial washes.