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Elephant Round Hangings

Elephant Round Hangings

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Discover the symbolic power of our Elephant-themed Hanging Decor!

🐘 An Elephant represents 'Strength' and 'Power'. 🌟 Each round hanging features 5 elephants, beads, and pompoms, exuding charm and positive energy. πŸ‘Ά Perfect for hanging over your baby's Changing Table, Crib, or in the play area for a whimsical touch. 🏑 Hang these in the walkway, over the bed, window sill, or any space that brings you joy.

πŸ‘ Handmade: Crafted with care, each piece reflects the artistry of handwork. 🌿 Cotton Fabric: Made from high-quality cotton fabric for a soft and natural feel. 🏠 Indoor use only: Adorn your living spaces with these charming decorations.

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